How can Incipience help me?

When you start a new project, you need to create an initial infrastructure for your project, before you can even start working on the actual business logic.

It can take months of work to establish a proper infrastructure, which includes boilerplate code of your project, repositories, unit tests, authentication logic, cloud infrastructure, builds, continuous integration, continuous delivery (CI/CD), integration tests, canary tests, logging, metrics, alarms and more.

Many teams choose to postpone this work. However lack of a proper infrastructure significantly affects teams' performance as well as code quality, creating expensive technical debts.

Incipience can do all this work. Just choose a template for your new project, and the entire infrastructure will be generated for you.

Who develops the templates?

All templates are either developed or reviewed by engineers of Incipience team.

Our engineers are thought leaders in cloud infrastructure and architecuture, who have experience working in top cloud computing companies: Amazon, Google and Microsoft.

How can I build my own templates?

You can use the Sandbox to create your own Incipience templates.

You can make these templates available only to your account, to your team, or make them public.

When you build public templates, you can set a template price that your users will pay everytime when they use your template. Please note that we make a full refund to the users who are not satisfied with the result of the template execution and delete the created stack.