How it works

Step 1
Create a service identity for your favourite Cloud Provider
Step 2
Choose your project's template and tune its parameters
Step 3
Get project cloud infrastructure generated for you

Our mission

When you start a new project, a significant amount of time is wasted on the infrastructure: set up code repository, builds, hooks, pipelines, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery/Deployment (CI/CD), database schema migrations, CORS policies, auditing, logging, alarms, metrics, and so on.

Having a tool automating these tasks allows the teams to concentrate on the actual implementation of their idea.

The goal and the mission of the Incipience team is to help development teams to get started with an infrastructure and base code developed by subject matter experts, who have a deep understanding of Cloud technologies, Dev Ops, as well as best practices and design patterns in various languages and technologies.

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DevOps as a service

How Incipience can help you and your team

Production infrastructure

Incipience helps you to bootstrap an MVP with a selected set of technologies in few minutes, building the initial infrastructure of your project.

High quality templates

Our team and a community are working hard to transform their expertise and knowledge into high quality templates following industry best practices.

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Use your experience to create new infrastructure templates!
Oh, and by the way, you will earn money when people use your templates.

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