Go Service infrastrusture on AWS

Highly available Auto Scaling Group of EC2 instances. CI/CD pipeline will deploy service infrastructure including VPC with public and private subnets. An Application Load Balancer is placed in the public subnets, which forwards traffic to the application servers in the private subnets. NAT Gateways are deployed in each AZ to facilitate outbound traffic from the application servers to the internet.


Developer: ivtsar

Last Modified: Feb 5th 2021

Provider: AWS


Web site domain nameThe domain name that will be used by the web service
AWS S3 Bucket nameThe name of the S3 bucket to be created. This name has to be globally unique
AWS Certificate ARNThe ARN of the certificate for the specified domain names
Service RepositoryThe code repository name to commit the generated service code


Deployment PipelineThis pipeline deploys your golang service to Staging environment and then, after your approval, to production environment.
Frontend code repositoryCreated repository with public website source code (Gatsby)

Infrastructure Cost

ComponentApprox Price Per MonthFree TierPrice

5 GB of storage (Standard);

20,000 GET Requests;

2,000 PUT, COPY, POST, or LIST Requests;

15GB of Data Transfer Out each month for one year

Storage: $0.023 per GB per month;

Requests: $0.005 per 1,000 requests;

Data Transfer: $0.09 per GB

Data Tranfer to CloudFront: Free


100 build minutes of general1.small per month

$0.005 per general1.small build minute


One free active pipeline each month

$1.00 per active pipeline per month;

Free for pipelines that have existed for less than 30 days;

Free for pipelines that have no new code changes running through them during the month

Certificate Manager$0

Public SSL/TLS certificates provisioned through AWS Certificate Manager are free

Public SSL/TLS certificates provisioned through AWS Certificate Manager are free





1,000 handler operations per month per account

$0.0009 per handler operation